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Hi! Couple weeks ago I got a sponsorship with this company called Uniqso. They sell products like Korean Colored Contacts, Sclera Lenses, Skin Care, Cosplay Wigs and Makeup Accessories. I have never used any items from Uniqso and that is why I tell you about this sponsorship only now. The day before yesterday I got my first product from Uniqso and it, or shall I say them are called Kawayii SUPER Big Eyes A-Max Blue contact lenses.

  • Base Curve 8.8mm
  • Color Tones 2 Tones
  • Diameter 20mm
  • Processing Time 2-3 working days
  • Remarks Free 1 normal lens case (medium)
  • Replacement Period 12 months
  • Water Content 55%

Those lenses are not quite normal, because as you can see from chart above they have 20mm diameter. I really thought those lenses are going to be super big, but they weren't so big I imagined. Anyway, if you look really close you can see that outside of that outer black circle is a little bit of transparent material so I think that is what makes these lenses go to diameter 20mm? And you cannot say those aren't big! Or can you? I just personally thought they were going to be bigger. :') The comfort in those contact lenses was super high quality and that was a big bonus because I have bought contact lenses from Finland a couple times and they haven't always felt so good in my eyes.. I actually were those lenses Yesterday the whole day and didn't feel any uncomfortable feelings or such! I also liked that color very much and I think those lenses look really good in my eyes. They kind of "blend in" if you look from farther off.

Uniqso will definetely be a place I order contact lenses in the future. And oh, I also got this code you can use to get discount! It is " pietu " and it get's you a 10% discount. There is also this Black Friday sale campaign going on at Uniqso. They have written this on their webpage:

Our annual Thanks Giving | Black Friday | Cyber Sales is back! We are giving additional 20% discount off our selected lenses all throughout the promotion! You might get up to 50% discount for some lenses, on top of the Pre-X'mas Promotion!

*Promotion from 27th Nov to 1st Dec.
*This promotion does not work with other coupon code. And NO coupon code needed!
*This promotion is applicable when your total order is above $50.
*Please login to get this promotion and each customer is entitled to get this promotion 1 time.
*Kindly checkout with "Normal/Sales Promotion Checkout" button, see here.

You can also read that information from this link.

And finally, here is some pictures of me with those cute Kawayii SUPER Big Eyes A-Max Blue lenses!
First without makeup and photoshop...

And then with makeup and some photoshopping!

I actually did a tutorial of that makeup on Youtube. So I just leave it here. Hope you like it. (:

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